Best Cleaner For Car Interior Plastic [Reliable & Top Pick Product Review]

Since you’re an auto enthusiast, you can keep your vehicle as tidy as possible to ensure its gleaming appearance. Besides, finding grime or dust in the plastic of a car’s interior is aggravating.

A premium quality cleansing that can extract any debris from the plastics is needed to render car interior plastic clear and spotless.

Since there are so many choices, finding the right cleaner for car interior plastic is difficult. We identified 10 top-rated brands on the market that will satisfy your needs, and we choose Chemical Guys TVD 107 16 V.R.P. Vinyl as our top choice. Because it cleans thoroughly and protects for an extended period of time.

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Best cleaner for car interior plastic-top pick products

It goes without saying that a good cleaner will give your interior a gleaming appearance. As a result, you should avoid using any low-quality cleaner to clear particles. As a result, we’ve checked the best automotive plastic cleaner for more accuracy.

1. Chemical Guys TVD_107_16 V.R.P. Vinyl — Best Car Dashboard Cleaner


This massive premium edition cleaner can efficiently clean either the inner or outer surface. Through its quick and simple use, it washes away plastic and other substances.

With that kind of water-based solution, you can easily shine and secure your car inside and outside part. This substance was formerly regarded as the Chemical Guys Extreme V.R.P.

So it can cover a wide range of surfaces, including the body panels, windshield, moldings, external trim, tires, motor room, and any vinyl, rubber, or plastic layer.

It produces a bright finish on whatever surface it is applied on, making it look brand new. When you’re done, it’s dry to the fingertips, so there’s no slick or gritty sensation. The water-based solution directly penetrates the skin, conditioning and soothing it.

Most notably, it prevents certain surfaces from UV rays, which may cause them to fade. Simply spray or scrub it on the areas you like to cover and you’ll be good to go. Chemical Guys VRP repels particles, allowing the surface to remain cleaner for better.

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It also has a nice scent, so you’ll love using it and keeping it in your car. This multi-surface treatment is a must-have for any detailer who demands satisfaction from his or her goods.


High Protection: UV rays are effectively blocked by the cleaner. It will restore the original paint to a big artificial shine and shield fragile car parts from scratching or fading.

Non-Greasy Water-based Formula: The non-greasy, water-based solution provides a long-lasting, in-depth wet appearance. Furthermore, it is simple to use and does not require any slinging or mess.

V.R.P. Protectant: The cleaner appaired with V.R.P. super shine cleaning, which will preserve the dark black look of plastic, and offers intense security and a shiny shine to every textured plastic tissue.

Easy to Use: This cleaner is incredibly simple to use, and you can easily spray it on and rinse it off.


  • Doesn’t contain any strong odors
  • Effortless to apply
  • Great smell
  • Can’t breakdown within a couple of weeks
  • Provides incredible wet shine


  • It is not great for exterior trim

2. Chemical Guys SPI22016 Total Interior Protectant & Cleaner — Cheapest Cleaner for Car Interior Plastic


This cleaner is reasonably priced without sacrificing consistency. The inner cleaner effectively cleans and protects any car interior part from toxic grease.

Chemical Guys Complete Internal Cleaner & Waterproof coating is a single substance that cleans and covers nearly every inner layer in your vehicle.

Seats, dashboards, carpets, furniture, brass, translucent plastic, display screens, windows, windscreens, door panels, wooden dashboard parts, and more should all be in good condition.

The luxury product is easy to scrub off, leaves no stains, and has no greasy or sticky feel or appearance.

Chemical Guys chemists combined Complete Internal Cleaner with Ultraviolet blockers and protectants to buffer against rough UV rays that allow internal materials to peel, discolor, and break.

Regard interiors with Full Internal Cleaner and Waterproof coating daily to keep car interiors fresh, tidy, and appearing and sound like new.

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Cars that are maintaining well represent the founder’s pride and professionalism, as well as their personality. Complete Interior Cleaner and Protectant from Chemical Guys is an effective detailing kit.


Durable Coating: The cleaner has the ability to cover the interior surfaces with a protective coating that repels dirt, grease, and grime.

Protection: The interior will be conditioned and UV-protected with the information mist. It would dissolve a coating of dirt, grime, and grease, resulting in a crystal-clear appearance.

Quick Detailing: The fast detailing function cleans and dries all objects in a fraction of the time. It also produces a waxy residue that lasts a long time.

Original Appearance: By applying shine to the interior fabrics, this powerful cleaning product can restore the original looks of the interior floor.


  • Offers fast detailing and intense cleaning
  • Works most of the surfaces
  • Rebuffs dirt and grease for a long time
  • Protects from sunlight and strains
  • Easy to use


  • Leaves some light colour after cleaning

3. Meguiar’s G13616SP Quik Interior Detailer Cleaner, 16 Fluid Ounces


Meguiar’s Plastic Restorer arrives with a quick one-step cleaning operation, so you don’t have to go through any tedious steps. It also has a great shining and darkening effect that lasts a long time (several weeks). Although this cleaning agent has an unpleasant odor, it is not too strong to interfere with your task.

All Internal surfaces are safely cleaned. Sun-blocking agents are used to keeping the original look. Spray-on, a wipe-off formula that is easy to use and does not leave a greasy look or texture. The formula has been improved to have a deeper rinse.

Clean interior plastics, acrylic, wood, rubber, brass, and even LCD and interface screens easily and comfortably. Every insides surface are easily cleaned with a gentle, high-lubricity solution that lifts debris, dirt, sludge, and spills while preserving their original look. It’s ideal for fast control.


Black Plastic Restorer: This tool has a “like fresh” appearance and is very durable. This one-step cleanser also provides excellent UV protection.

Trim Gloss: It produces vibrant darkness and a shiny appearance that lasts a long time. You don’t have to be concerned because the fantastic result will survive cleaning and rain.

Fast-drying formula: The cleaner has a non-greasy or speedily formula that cleans easily and does not leave any residual on the surface region.

Versatile Use: This flexible cleaner can be used on a variety of surfaces, including plastic, vinyl, rubber, and many others.


  • Needs simple one-step cleaning
  • lasts for few weeks easily
  • provides a durable non-greasy glossy finish
  • safe for most of the car interior surfaces
  • gives deep cleaning and superb protection

4. 303 UV Protectant spray for car interior plastic


With either a thin coat of shielding the objects from Ultraviolet light, the 303 car interior dashboard cleaners can wash the car quickly and keep it fresh for a long period. The washing agent is produced from UV protectant material.

The cleaner not only brushes the objects but also coats them with a protective layer that protects them from UV rays and debris. These were some of the better characteristics of this vehicle’s interior plastic cleaning.

303 Protectant absorbs dirt and stains while still protecting against drying, dark spots, and splitting caused by toxic UV rays. For a perfect, smooth finish, simply spray on and clean dry. The best part is that each request will last for up to 30-45 days.

Vinyl, plastics, synthetic and natural rubber, fabric, PVC, gel coat, and fiberglass are only a few of the materials that can benefit from this product. Using it on your dashboard, certain vinyl/leather inner boards, tires, windshield brake pads, and more! Unfinished leathers (such as suede), cloth (canvas), plank flooring, translucent plastics, gauge plates, or headlights are not recommended for use.


Cleaner and Repeller: 

The cleaner causes a thin layer of waxy texture on the outer surface that protects them from Ultraviolet rays damage. Furthermore, the coating accomplishes on than that. It has a powder and stain repellent effect. The protection coating protects the color of metal and plastic very well.


The cleaner doesn’t require some rinsing in order to function properly. The solvent sticks on the surface as soon as it is applied, making washing simpler. The finish is silky smooth, and it has a pleasant aroma.


  • Protects against UV rays
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior cleaning
  • Protects from attracting dirt and stains


  • Without maintaining the guideline, it might leave a dry look on your car interior plastic

5. NextZett Car Plastic Deep Cleaner and Detailer


At that price, this product is among the better cleaners for car interior plastic. It has 2 cleaning stages. If you smoke, you’re aware that nicotine residues will leave a yellowish layer behind.

This product is ideal for removing any surviving nicotine while also supplying a quick wipe. It can have a shiny, polished, and dust-resistant design to your car’s interior plastic. Even if you are on target you should find this cleaner for car interior plastic.

This formula not only cleans but also stops dust and grime from growing on your car’s plastic. It’s a chemical cleaner that’s good for the environment. It does not contain any potentially toxic chemicals. You can use4 this Item in multiple uses.

This tool can be used to wash armrests, doorknobs, steering wheels, coated leather, and a variety of other products. It’s a liquid solution. That is to say, it is environmentally friendly and free of formalin.


Prevent smoking effect: It does not only remove dirt but also removes the smoking black shade. So those who have a habit of smoke. then this product is an emergency for his/her car.

E-friendly: Most of the cleaners have a toxic chemical that is harmful to the environment. But This product is free from toxic chemicals that’s why it is good for our environment.


  • It can also wipe vinyl, rubber, or coated leather
  • Prevent from all types of harsh or harmful chemicals
  • It Provides 2 phases of cleaning
  • You can use it multiple time


  • It has avoid UV protection

How to look for choosing a car cleaner interior plastic

You must remember a few considerations in order to find a perfect product that makes your cleanup simple and successful. Before we purchase a car interior cleaner, there are a few points we can keep in mind.


It’s critical to know what types of surfaces you’ll be cleaning before purchasing a cleaner. Within the vehicle, plastic is used in a variety of ways, including the cabin, the interior door section, the dashboard, and other sections. As a result, please ensure to use a cleaner that is suitable for the plastic surface zone.


Ensure the cleaner’s additives are suitable for your interior of the car and the climate. Ignore cleaners that use toxic chemicals like ammonia or diesel, as they are toxic to the inside of your car and also to your skin.

Easy Application:

You’re not going to be pleased if you have to vacuum your car’s inner plastic for a whole day or even hours. It is important to provide a cleaner that is simple to use and does not require several buffing measures.

U.V. Protection:

Since it allows unstable plastics to dampen vibrations, the sunlight is one of the most serious risks to a vehicle. As a result, choose the right internal car cleaning product that offers adequate security for the inner surface.

Quick Clean:

Even if the cleaner is environmentally friendly and simple to use, it would be useless if it lacks sufficient cleaning capacity. But, before you choose a brand or product, ensure it meets the car’s cleaning standards and offers additional security for a streak-free finish.

Container Size:

Instead of purchasing small-sized bags, if your vehicle is big and needs frequent cleaning due to massive use, you can purchase a bigger container that will save you time and resources. If you aren’t a big consumer and your vehicle isn’t vulnerable to debris, you should buy small cans.

Best way to clean car interior plastic

Probably having a spotless car is your vision, but reality stands in the way in the shape of crumbs and stains! But you might need to spend extra time after a few months offering your car’s interior plastic some TLC to stay looking good. When it’s way to wash your car’s interior plastic, and here is the process on how to get going.

Remove dust and dirt

When you see a coating of dirt on your car’s plastic components, it’s usually best to use a vacuum to remove it. As opposed to other approaches, such as simply rubbing down the board, this is a faster way to remove dust and dirt particles.

In reality, when vacuuming the plastic within your car, sweep the rest of the internal to hold the surface and floor mats clean as well. When vacuuming the plastic, ensure to reach through the gaps and crevices and remove as much dirt as necessary.

Dust the surface

Now that much of the larger dirt has been removed, you can focus on eliminating the remaining persistent dust particles. You should clean with a dampened dry cloth, ensuring to scrub all down from the dashboard to the window.

You may need assistance squeezing into the tight spaces across the gear shift and some dashboard dials or keys. To do so, kindly clear dust from any tiny spaces within the vehicle with a wet Q-tip, old toothbrush, or small crayon. If some surfaces are damp after dusting, simply wipe them down with a smooth, dry cloth.

Rust can be removed by washing and rubbing down walls, but any streaks or sticky patches on your internal plastic would likely require more aggressive methods. Luckily, cleaning items specifically designed for this purpose exist.

Chemical Guys TVD_107_16 V.R.P. Vinyl Interior Detailer is an example of a product that easily removes stains and debris from your car’s internal plastic. You’ll notice a difference straight away if you apply this solvent to the plastic and brush it 

Protect your interior plastic from future damage

When you’ve cleaned your car’s vinyl, you’ll want to secure it from streaks, fading, scratching, and any deterioration that could occur over time. There seem to be a number of excellent options on the market that can do this in a matter of minutes.

In reality, if you wash the plastic with a car Interior Detailer, you might just as well check up 303 UV Protectant spray for car interior plastic with This spray, such as the detailer you would use to wash your car’s plastic, can even be used on vinyl, rubber, and leather.

The aim of this approach is to shield the internal of your car from Ultraviolet radiation that could fade or break the seats, doors, and other critical areas. So, if you really want your car’s inside to look nice.

Yeah, if you would like your car’s dashboard to remain clean of dirt and scratches while maintaining its natural color and not fading in the light, you’ll need this wash! This protectant spray also offers plastic a glossy coating, making it appear shiny and virtually fresh.

Consider purchasing the 303 Automotive Detailer Package if you require to wash more than just the plastic in your vehicle. You’ll be able to quickly wash and cover the cloth, vinyl, rubber, as well as other internal car surfaces!

The buying guide on best cleaner for vehicle interior plastic

Although purchasing the Best Cleaners for Car internal Plastic ensures a high-quality cleaning product, it does not qualify you as a car cleaning specialist.

As a result, knowing how to clean both the external and internal style of your car is advantageous. That way, every inch of your car will be gleaming and spotless. This is going to take a lot of time and effort, but it will be well worth it in the end!

There are some crucial steps to follow, according to Auto Detailing Pro. Beginning from the outside and making your way inside the car is what he suggests. So rinse the outside with normal water and soap, then prepare to scrub the acrylic interior thoroughly.

However, there seems to be one step you must complete before using these. And ensure to clean the inside and remove stains and dirt from the ground and chairs. After all, what good is deep washing the internal plastic if the seats, boards, and cracks are already filthy and disgusting?

If you wipe up the internal area and so you are very set to set the Best plastic cleaner to use! Both of our goods are very easy and quick to use. Simply spray and scrub off the acrylic interior components. You can replicate this step as many times as you like before your heart’s content.

Your car, no matter how clean you are as a human, will inevitably become filthy. Dust, as well as possible grime and debris, accumulates over time.

Not to mention the possibility of spilling a beer, dropping food, or the dog shedding fur all over the internal design. So take the time to invest in a good interior cleaner and enjoy a clean and sanitary interior design.


Here are given some frequently ask and question that is related on this topic.

Q: What can I use to clean the plastic inside my car?

Cleaning the plastic of the vehicle interior can be done in a variety of ways. You may use store-bought cleaners or a detergent and water solution.

Q: Can you use an all-purpose cleaner on the car interior?

A: Why not, right? We consider using all-purpose cleaners on the inside of your vehicle because of their many advantages. They will save you the trouble of having to carry five gallons of cleaners for five various surfaces. Why will you use a single liquid to substitute five gallons when you have the alternative?

Q: How do you clean textured plastic car interior?

Textured surfaces collect more dirt than flat surfaces and they are difficult to wash too! To disinfect them, add your plastic cleaners. Apply a little more than you think you’ll like for a great cleaning.

Q: How Often Should I Clean The Plastic Interior?

It’s a common concept that the longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to vacuum. As a result, routine cleaning is required to ensure a seamless cleaning operation. Any weekend, I like to sweep the inside with a tiny amount of cleaner. This removes the possibility of the filth being bound to the soil.


You should buy a cleaning product to protect your Car Interior Plastic from dirt, scratching, and dark blocks. If you haven’t much time in your hand, then you should buy Chemical Guys TVD_107_16 V.R.P. Vinyl cleaner. If you have any confusion, you can ask me in the comment section.

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