How To Make A Car Wash Foam Gun At Home [Honest Guide]

Making a car wash foam gun isn’t so tough if you know the right process. So I appear to say, How to Make a Car Wash Foam Gun at Home. So read the whole article with extra-concentration. Now, let’s start.

This is to hold the car’s cleaner suds to split the defects as long as necessary. One night I played in the workshop. I’ve seen powered aircar washing foam handguns of $100+, $100 dollars or so compressor foam cannons, and $40-$60 dollars.

How to Make a Car Wash Foam Gun at Home

Follow some step to make it easily


First of all, I use a cheap car hair-piston painting liquid. To pursue it, the harbor cargo was closed. How can the end of the shell sprayer extract compressed gases?

Think a valve, because I’ve made it. This is how. This is here. The video reveals that I completed using the air from about 40 to 60 PPI and would not want to turn on my neighboring compressor.


Upper psi will likely generate more foam if it had a tank or pipe between both the tank and pipe y adapter to combine the cleaner and air in more previous to ejection. Notice the 1/4″ shaft that comes from your Y shaft.

It’s the air streaming into an injection tube from the washing up liquid = Green Earth G-Clean High-Pressure High-Dehydrate Injector $15 Pattern #: AUN31024D.


I find a $20 green earth gun further on for my amazon water hose that works all right. If you’ve no pressure washer, but a generator. This works well.

Just take those Pro Intense Foam Shampoo detailers and raise the airflow and turn off the water at the Y tube with your fan spraying as high as you can so your shampoo is compressed with the least potential water.


Single-way Valve connected to half of the green earth wash injector’s additional hose from the package connected to a hose Y adapter. To restrict the rail holding the hose/soapy water, I was using a patio watering 1/4″ hose. An inline drainage men connector and trimmed down the sides to squeeze through the green earth transparent tube.

Final result

As a result, the narrower flow of air will produce more pegs think espresso star vs Milkshake straw in milk, as well as the size of bubbles, then apply 100 psi. And the hose spray bottle is all going out. I have picked two pullers since one can build a fan dough better than 6-in-one pullers and so forth.


Can you use daily car wash soap with a foam gun?

yeah, you can take every car shampoo/soaps in a foam gun. Any of them can ‘foam’ rather than most. For a decent soft/balanced/neutral soap, I’m not going to strip something I have dual faves: CarPro Reset and AutoFiness Avalanche Snow Foam

Is Foam Car Wash safer than that?

The foam is best suited to retaining its soapiness and is engineered to preserve its strength and washing quality even though leaving for a few minutes. The shampoo also dries out only when kept for longer than a few moments, left behind substantially stained stains of its own.

Snow foam is stronger than car shampoo?

Snow foam supports your car clean procedure by partly destroying debris on your car’s bodywork, tires, and other components, makes it much simpler for your daily car cleaner to complete the work. It will bring you a much nicer car that’s better insulated towards dust and natural paint loss.


By applying all the steps and watching this video, you are able to make a car wash foam gun. After that, if you have any confusion about this; you can ask me in this comment section and I am trying to reply to your question. Hope your life becomes more enjoyable.

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