How To Fix a Stuck Seat Belt? (A Step-by-Step Guide)

Since you are anxious to fix a stuck seat belt and that’s why you search here. We all know that a seat belt is very important for us. Without it, we may have to face serious injuries. But another

The problem that occurs when using the seat belt gets sometimes jammed.

In this situation, we all become anxious and do not understand what should we do? So for the safety of us and our family, we should all learn to fix the jam seat belts. Now I will teach you how to fix a stuck seatbelt.

Why would you fix the jam belt?

Suppose you are in your friend’s or your own car. In this case, your seatbelt is jammed and you can’t open it. What would you do then? And if you knew how to remove a stuck belt then you don’t have to think because you can easily fix that. Now you tell me whether you should learn it or not? you might agree with me too. let’s start.

Tools you have need

  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • needle nose pliers

You can fix a jammed seat belt with three methods. They are

  • Fix a belt with auto-lock
  • The seatbelt might be complex

  • fix with a mechanism jammed belt

How to fix a stuck seat belt


Methode-1:Fix a belt with auto-lock

Sometimes the auto-lock function causes jamming in the seatbelt which is very normal. In this case, you have to remove it from this position first. Try to hold this more and pull it slightly with your hand. Let it go inside the retractor without opening it.

Now notice how long and lose the belt is? If it is in a normal position then your problem is solved. And if it looks like it is not going to the retractor and is loose, then it is a serious problem and you need to follow the 2nd step to fix the problem.

Methode-2:The seatbelt might be complex

1.Access to the whole seat

For an out of sight problem, you need to take off the whole length of the seat belt to find it. Remove the plastic covers from the seat belt retractor. It doesn’t matter which tool you use; you can use pliers or a screwdriver. you have to slide under the plastic cover with the tool and pop it upward.

If a belt on the backseat is a problem, you should inspect the mechanism in the trunk. you should mind that the lower seats aren’t your way. For the seat belt mechanism, you have to look under the trunk floor and pull out the entire belt

2.Pull out the entire belt

After access the seat belt, you have to pull it out. You need a clamp or a clip to prevent it from retracting. You should be careful to go through the entire length of the seatbelt. For finding any tangled areas, you have to press the seat belt through your fingers. Please remove any kinds of small objects such as fabric.

3.Clean the safety belt

usually, a seat belt gets stuck due to accumulated dirt. Most car owners remember to clean the car but forget to clean the car seat belts. However, this is not right because car seat belts also need care. Otherwise, dirt will accumulate in it and once the dirt accumulates, the seat belts get stuck.

If you notice a little, you will see our body skin, clothes, (these may not be clean), body sweat which can latch with the fabric of the safety belt.

Prolonged use will cause the fabric to become stiff and lose flexibility. This can cause problems if the belt is pulled and can be torn. Since you are pulling the belt, you can clean it now.

Now mix the amount of laundry detergent in a bucket of warm water. Once mixed, soak the belt for 15 to 30 minutes. Now take a clean towel and try to dry the wet belt with the towel as much as possible. Once wiped, let it air dry.

After it dries, check to see if the belt is the same as before or if it has changed a bit. Obviously, it might be changed such as:

  • The belt will not be as hard as before. It will become soft.
  • Its flexibility will increase.
  • it will not tear if pulled.

4. Check the seat belt

Before combining everything, check to see if your problem is solved. If so, that’s good news. Now pull the seatbelt back and release it. It should go back to normal, this is good news for you. Now you replace the open plastic covers If the problem is still and cannot be solved, follow the next step.

Methode-3: Fix with a mechanism jammed belt

The actual seat belt mechanism is a complex system that is allowed to move a spinning gear wheel. Sometimes the wheel can be stuck, so the process is here.

1. Cleaning the side panel

The seat belt mechanism is under the side panel and you have to clear a path to it. Most of the cars should be two side clips holding it out and located along the bottom edge: Both right and left of the pillar.

Please lift these clips with flat-headed screwdrivers or pillars under a clip and pop it forward. You should in mind that the front clip is more difficult to expose. But why? because it’s attached with a hidden screw to the rest of the car.

Then you have to search for a small lock compartment on the floor of your car,  the close pillar, and press the button to expose the trunk. For opening the lock, you have to use a screwdriver to pop the lid. please reveal the small screw. Use your screwdriver to remove it and the front clip safely.

Once the clip is gone, it will be easy to remove the side panel. The rear side panel(part of the B column of the car) should be separated with a flat screwdriver as they are firmly attached to each other. At this moment, The side panel will not cause you any problems, as no screws are attached to the vehicle.

3. Out the seatbelt mechanism

The mechanism seat belt retracts tightly and secured with a bolt. You should have the proper size of keys to unscrew them: there are two sizes of keys such as 10mm and 14mm. It has also a clip, connecting to the mechanism, to check that you should pull it away and can use your finger for this.

Now you have been able to remove the seat belt from the B-pillar.

4. Open the mechanism

Turn the device on its side for looking like a plastic cap. Several small pins hold it and you can remove them using either method. For example, you can use a hex key. Turning the process to the other side, you will see a small box with your own clips. The flat things need to expose it.

5. Removing smaller plastic pieces

If you underneath its big cover, you should see two smaller plastic pieces. They are on the top of the gear, so you should remove them. Spring is at the top of the second piece. Then take out that spring too.

6. Moving the gear around

At last, you are able to reach the gear wheel step. Please, press your finger for rotating it clockwise. This motion won’t jam it. Pull the belt to see the gear rotation. Is everything okay? If yes, you need to reverse your steps and rearrange the process again.

7. Put the mechanism behind

Both the plastic pieces and the spring have to be reattached. These have to be covered with a plastic lid. you have to be secure the small box with the clips. The pins put inside the back. The seat belt mechanism put at the back of the pillar and tied up the bolts up and below it. Clipping the small device back in. Put all the panels in place.

You can also watch a video about the process of a jammed seat belt gear that was given above.

Some essential Advice

You must understand the reason why a seatbelt gets stuck. So you will notice these reasons and make sure that these wrong shots do not happen.

However, If the seat belt has to be washed. And even if it doesn’t work, you should follow the last and final step. Hopefully, you are able to fix your car seat. If you want to understand better, please watch the videos above.

What should you do in extreme conditions?

You can always carry a seatbelt cutter with you: as a result, you can easily get rid of the extreme danger.


u003cstrongu003eWhat is an emergency locking retractor?u003c/strongu003e

An emergency locking retractor(ELR) may be a safety belt retractor that locks only in response to a vehicle’s rapid deceleration or rapid spooling out of the retractor safety belt webbing and improves the seat belt assembly’s comfort compared to an ALR.

u003cstrongu003eWhat causes a seatbelt to lock up?u003c/strongu003e

In-vehicle activated system, a weighted pendulum swings forward when the vehicle stops unexpectedly, causing a metal bar to smash into a dented gear attached spool the spool. unable to unwind anymore belt locks the passenger in place firmly.

u003cstrongu003eHow do you soften a stiff seatbelt?u003c/strongu003e

Easy, water-diluted Green is the best way to soften and disinfect grungy seating belts. You should clean them well and hang them dry to air with a smooth wire brush.


Seatbelts are an integral part of our life. We depend a lot on the car in the way of life, just as our safety in the car also depends on the seatbelt. Stuck a belt is normal, and we should fix that. So I have been trying to explain to you for so long,” how to fix a stuck seat belt”. hope you understand. May your journey be beautiful and safe.

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