How To Remove The Headrest From A Dodge Caravan Seat [Honest Guide]

Removing a headrest from a dodge caravan seat isn’t an easy task. But if you follow some steps and technics, you can easily remove them. Please, continue to read to learn more.

The caravan was developed and produced by the Chrysler Group distributed under the Dodge brand. The caravan is fitted with flexible headrests on the front seats. If necessary, these headrests may also be omitted.

The headrests are being separated from the third line of chairs. In case of a crash, headrests will decrease the chance of injuries caused by whiplash. Toprests can be adjusted for the driver and users up and down.

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Removing a headrest from a dodge caravan seat

For removing this, you have to follow this step-by-step sequence.

Set the caravan Dodge in “Land.” Look for the headrest you want to take down.


Raise your headrest to the top with your left. If the switch is moved to the highest position, the headrest stops.

Click the power button on the base of the headrest to reach the headrest edge of the seat. Remove the headrest from the seat body when holding the locking key. You now delete the headrest.

Watch this video to learn practically.

F.A.Q (frequently ask question)

What is a Dodge Caravan successful restraint?

In order to drive the headrest forward, this mechanism uses a pulse generator in its backrest. A spring immediately returns the headrest to the initial position after a rear hit. Others are using superheated steam for triggering the effective headrest. A car manufacturer can have a number of systems in its range

Will you repair the Dodge headrest you have deployed?

The headrest itself is cut in 2 and cannot be placed back together once the headrest is deployed. The installed headrest should instead be transferred by a new headrest. These substitution costs are between $600 and $800.


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